University Storage: Your Best Friend Before School Starts!

Published on 8/17/2023
Why Choose University Storage Before School Starts?

1. Ease of Transition

Moving can be stressful. Between packing, saying goodbye to friends and
family, and preparing for your courses, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. By
selecting University Storage, you can transition with ease, knowing your
belongings are safe and secure.

2. Convenient Location

We're strategically located 10 minutes from campus, ensuring you don't have to make a
lengthy detour to access your belongings. Whether you're looking to store
textbooks, seasonal clothing, or furniture, you'll find our units
conveniently accessible.

3. Flexible Plans Tailored to Students

We understand that student life can be unpredictable. That's why we offer
flexible rental plans specifically designed with the university calendar in
mind. Need storage only for a semester? No problem!

4. State-of-the-Art Security

The safety of your belongings is our top priority. Our facilities boast
top-tier security systems, 24/7 surveillance, and robust access controls to
ensure your items are protected.

5. Friendly Staff Ready to Assist

Amy, Josh, Nerry and all of our team members are knowledgeable and are
always ready to help. Whether you have questions about what unit size you
might need, or how to best store delicate items, we're here to guide you.

Tips for New Clients: Making the Most of Your Storage Unit

1. Label, Label, Label: Clear labeling can save you a lot of time when
you’re trying to locate specific items. Consider using colored tapes or
markers to indicate different categories.

2. Create an Inventory: Before you lock up your unit, create a detailed
inventory of what’s inside. This will help you keep track of your
belongings and ensure you don't leave anything behind when it's time to
move out.

3. Maximize Space: Store items vertically where possible and use shelving
units. Consider vacuum-sealed bags for clothes to save even more space.

4. Visit Before the Big Move: If you’re unsure about what size of storage
unit you need, or how to organize it, visit our facility before the move-in

Book Early and Secure Your Space!

With the start of the school year looming, our units are in high demand. We
recommend booking your space early to ensure you get the size and location
you want.

Remember, University Storage is more than just a place to keep your stuff;
it’s peace of mind. As you embark on your academic journey, let us handle
the logistics. Here’s to a successful and clutter-free school year!

Book Now and take advantage of our special offers for new clients.